Black Bear Hunting

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Our Black Bear hunts are done in several areas of Northern Alberta. These are remote wilderness areas with little hunting pressure with a good population of bears. There is a two bear limit for each licence purchased. Our areas produce trophy bears in black and other color phases ranging from blonde to chocolate brown. Our success rate is 100% for the first bear with good size trophies taken.

We use ATV’s to get to the prime areas for bears and hunt from tree stands or ground blinds for baited hunts and do some walking for the spot and stalk hunts. The terrain is mostly flat and not physically demanding.

Our black bear hunts are done from a comfortable tent camp equipped with wood heaters, cots and great meals provided by our camp cook. We strive to provide our clients with a great hunting experience.

Spring or fall baited or spot and stalk bear hunts are sure to provide their fair share of fun and excitement for any hunter. Whether you’re watching a mother bear send her cubs up a tree to safety or taking aim at a big old boar as he feeds in the bait pile only a few yards from your stand.

All Bears Hunts are 6 Days:
Bear Hunt Cost: $5,500.00

Price Does NOT Include License Fees, Tax
Non-hunters are $225.00 U.S. per day
$500 to add a wolf