Moose Hunting

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Moose hunts with Northern Adventure Hunts includes rut moose hunts from mid-September to the end of October and late season moose hunts in November. Moose hunts are one of the most fun and exciting hunts offered in North America especially during the rut season when huge bulls can be called within very close range. Big bulls may approach so quietly that you hardly know they’re close or come charging in like a freight train oblivious to anything in their path! Either way is guaranteed to test your adrenaline level.

Our trophy moose measure on average over 45″ and our success rate has been as high as 95% or better. We use ATV’s to get to prime areas and quite often spend time walking, sitting and calling. Most of the terrain we hunt is flat and not physically demanding. We hunt logging blocks, lakes, willow flats and cut-lines. Some hunting is done from tree stands over feeding areas or natural salt/mineral licks.

Our moose hunting camps are comfortable wall tents equipped with wood heaters and cots to sleep on and great meals are provided by our camp cook. Camps are set up in remote wilderness areas where there is little pressure from other hunters and lots of prime moose habitat. 

All Moose Hunts are 7 days:
Moose Rut/Prime Time $11,500.00
Late Season or November Moose $10,500.00 USD

Prices Do NOT Include License Fees & Tax
Non-hunters are $225.00 U.S. per day
$500 to add a wolf